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Book Divas Network™ offers book signing opportunities at our sister company, Silver Lakes Books, in Rochester, Minnesota.  

Authors traveling to/through Rochester can send their book details, contract information, and date/times to: BOOK DIVAS NETWORK or

Book Divas Network promotes authors, books, and holds author dinners, signings, and events in our bricks-and-mortar sister store, Silver Lake Books, located a block off North Broadway in northeast Rochester. We are a book-loving  community of 106,000+ people, not including thousands of worldwide visitors, daily, who come for treatment, answers, and visits at Mayo Clinic. We love sharing stories with our worldwide travelers and learning about your travels. 

NOTE: We do NOT sell our review copies, ever. Every book submitted to us is used SOLELY for consideration of written or live interviews, book reviews, book awards; placement in our network of online sites, and for bulk purchase consideration in our bricks-and-mortar sister store, Silver Lake Books.