Introducing: Ask a New Author!

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By: Miriam Gershow, Assistant Editor

Welcome to Book Divas’newest feature, the advice column, Ask A New Author. 

Are you an aspiring writer who doesn't know where to start?  Someone with a book draft in a desk drawer who's afraid to take the next step?  Someone who is daunted by book industry horror stories? It’s easy to get discouraged and think getting published is next to impossible.  We’re here to tell you it’s not.  

Who are we?  Three authors who recently broke into the publishing business with debut novels. We accomplished this through a lot of hard work, perseverance and the encouragement and advice of teachers, mentors and seasoned writers.  We’d like to return that favor now, by answering any questions you have about:

  • How we found agents
  • How we sold our books
  • How we worked with editors
  • Where we get our ideas
  • What our writing schedules look like
  • How we publicize our books
  • How we balance writing and life
  • Or anything to do with the process of writing or getting published

Let us live our Dear Abby dreams!  We promise to be honest, candid, and up for anything.  Email your questions (none are too silly to ask, trust us) to: or leave a question in the comments section below.

We'll start answering your questions in our first offical advice column next month.  In the meantime, meet the Ask a New Author team.