The Hunchback Assignments

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By: Leah Messina, Editor-in-Chief

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The Hunchback Assignments
By: Arthur Slade

Wouldn't you love to be a shapeshifter? Or a spy? The Hunchback Assignments is a book for grades 5 & Up in which the main character, Modo, has the ability to transform his body. He was a sideshow feature as a child and that is how Mr. Socrates discovered him. Modo does not know it, but Mr. Socrates is training Modo to be a secret agent in his society.  Tutors are brought in to teach him how to fight and how to disguise himself. Modo must put this training to use when something curious starts happening to the orphans of London. Modo finds clues that lead him to the sewers of that Victorian city, where villains machinate against the government.Despite his strict upbringing, Modo is a compassionate person. He yearns for love and praise, but his biggest hindrance is his self-esteem. During his many encounters, he gains confidence. The story is part science fiction and part adventure. You'll find yourself rooting for Modo and his secret society, while keeping your fingers crossed for other installments!