All Unquiet Things

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By: Melyssa M., Review Program Manager

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All Unquiet Things
By: Anna Jarzab

Carly was dead. She had been dead for a year.  That was the only thing that anyone knew for sure.  Neily had loved Carly, even after she dumped him for a socially elite drug dealer. He never quite believed her murder was truly solved.  Audrey was Carly’s cousin, but they were closer than sisters. She did not believe the man convicted of the murderer actually committed the crime.  No one at school wants to have much to do with either of them; they want even less to do with each other.  Yet, something drives them and they take on the task of solving Carly’s murder. But as they learn more and more, things become more dangers. People are running scared and it seems that Carly might have known a little more than she should have. The question for Neily and Audrey changes from solving Carly’s murder, to will they find the truth in time to save themselves.

Anna Jarzab’s debut novel All Unquiet Things is a page turning read, a veritable whodunit without the clich├ęs. Neily and Audrey are so real in their determination and despair. Carly is vivid in her heartbreaking transformation from a sweet girl to someone who is terribly self destructive. It tears at the fabric of the important relationships in the story and adds to the authenticity of the characters.  The novel alternates time periods, from present to past and back. It also alternates narrators, between Neily and Audrey. The set up of the novel makes each of these transitions extremely easy to follow. This allows the reader to see the main characters before and after the event and see how they change through the events of the book. I would definitely recommend All Unquiet Things to anyone who wants to read a story with real relationship, love, mystery, and a very healthy dose of suspense.

  • Date of Review: 05/04/2010
  • Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
  • Publication Date: January 12, 2010
  • Genre: Teen Fiction