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By: jessicamarder, Assistant Editor

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By: Lisa McMann

Would you choose love and pain over seclusion?

Janie knew that she had to make a choice--continue to be a dream catcher, still live around those she loved (like her boyfriend Cabel), and become blind with gnarled hands in her twenties, or live in isolation.  And she thought that she had made her choice.  But when a stranger comes into her world--who turns out to be her father--everything changes.  Even though he is in a coma, she finds ways to learn a little about him, and in turn, a little more about her herself and her future. She realizes that the choices she thought she had made are now a little less clear, and that she will have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

I enjoyed this book more than I did the other novels in the series, Wake and Fade.  I think we get a better feel of Janie in this story.  I could feel her warmth when she is dealing with her dad and her pain when having to make a choice about her future.  Additionally, I loved Cabel and though he was such a sweet guy who would do anything for Janie. Even though Janie's mom is an alcoholic and could compete for the worst mother-of-the-year award, I felt like in this book we may have learned WHY she is the way she is and I felt a little compassionate towards her.  This is the last book in the trilogy, and while I would love to know more about Janie's future, I think it ended on the right note and leaves us feeling hopeful.

Reviewed by: Andrea M.