Ruined: A Ghost Story

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By: thehumanlibrary, Assistant Editor

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Ruined: A Ghost Story
By: Paula Morris

Since her father has a business trip to China, Rebecca is sent away to live with a family friend in New Orleans for the next six months. Spending time away from her friends and the gossip in New York doesn't seem too appealing. Especially when she has to spend it with the odd gothic Claudia that plays with Tarot cards for a living. When Rebecca meets the arrogant snobs of Temple Mead Academy, she is instantly on their bad side. Except for the attractive Anton Grey who seems to be interested in her but is sadly unavailable. After wandering into the cemetery one night, Rebecca comes across Lisette, a ghost only she can see. And it seems Lisette has been waiting over a hundred years to get the revenge she longs for.
Ruined is perfectly paced and has a constantly intriguing storyline. However, I wasn't attached to any of the characters, and they lacked personality. I was going back and forth between "I hate this book!" and "I love this book!" I thought that it repeated Rebecca's thoughts too much when all I wanted was to dive deeper. It's amazing how author Paula Morris kept the story going with so few settings. This book is packed with a lot of interesting historic info without being overly descriptive. It introduced me to the New Orleans I never knew. It had a huge twist I didn't see coming that made me gasp out loud, but I wasn't fully satisfied with the ending because the "feel" didn't fit the rest of the story. You'd have to be very patient to read this book but over all I think it's worth the read!

Review by Adayla S.

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