They Never Came Back

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By: Lauren W., Book Diva Reviewer

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They Never Came Back
By: Caroline B. Cooney

Five years ago Rory and Cade Lyman fled the country as criminals for cheating there way to huge sums of money. Their daughter, Murielle, was supposed to come with, but her ride to the airport, Rory’s sister Mrs. Petrak, decided against it at the last moment. Rory and Cade Lyman never came back to fetch their daughter. Murielle was thrown into foster care. Cathy Ferris is concerned about her academics. She’s taking a summer Latin class where she’ll learn a year of the language in less than half the time she’d normally learn it. When Tommy Petrak, comes up to her and calls her Murielle. She introduces herself as Cathy, but it takes a lot to disprove him. Tommy gets his parents, and through them the FBI, involved, because Rory and Cade are still missing. Is Cathy really the long-lost Murielle, or is she just a look-alike who’s getting pulled in at the absolute wrong time? What does the FBI plan to do?

They Never Came Back instantly reminded me of The Face on the Milk Carton, another popular book by Cooney about a girl who recognizes her face on a “Have you seen this child” ad on a milk carton. Like that earlier novel, this book explores the complexities of disorganized families. Anyone who enjoys Cooney’s other novels will find entertainment in this newer book. This book keeps a reader in anticipation if they put it down. It makes you question things and how many ways the system (referring to the nation or authorities) can and have been breeched. It’s about family, identity, and the truth coming out.

  • Date of Review: 04/13/2010
  • Publisher: Delacorte Press (Random House)
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Genre: Teen Fiction, Mystery, and Suspense