We Were Here

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By: McKenzie T. , Book Diva Reviewer

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We Were Here
By: Matt De La Pena

We Were Here tells the story of Miguel, a boy living in a group home after being sent to Juvi (Juvenile Detention). He is to stay there for one year, talking to a counselor and writing in a journal. Any place is better than home for Miguel. After what he did, his mom refuses to acknowledge him. Miguel meets other boys while at the home, Rondell and Mong. Miguel never placed on breaking out, but that's just what they do. Matt de la Pena weaves a novel of self-discovery and friendship in unexpected places.

We Were Here was initially difficult to get into because of the dialogue and speech patterns. The language was rough and broken, and there's a good dose of cursing. For that alone I recommend this to older audiences. The story, however, is intriguing and picks up fairly quick. Their run from the group home makes for an exciting read.

  • Publisher: Delacorte Press 
  • Publication Date: October 13, 2009 
  • Genre: Teen Fiction 
  • Date of Review: 04/04/2010